Welcome to Virtual Hollywood

Are you tired of the same old, same old Teambuilding offerings ?

Well look no further ... !

How would you like to experience something that has never been done before ?

Virtual Hollywood will take you on a magical journey behind the scenes and in the thick of things in the production of your very own TV movie, soapie or sitcom, where you and your team will be the Actors, the Director, the Cameraman, the Sound engineer and the Vision mixer.

We will supply you with a fully equipped TV studio and professionally written scripts ( Pre written concepts or specifically written by our team of professional script writers according to your intended team build brief and objectives ) as well as experienced mentors to guide you through the challenging process.

In our humble opinion, the key to good solid effective teambuilding lies in recognizing the strengths, and more importantly, the weaknesses of each team member. If you accept the challenge, you would be required to allocate specific tasks to each team member according to their various abilities to obtain a perfect outcome within set parameters and time frames to create your very own professional TV production.

Training will be provided by our pro team of mentors, and then it’s just - Lights … Camera … Action …

Virtual Hollywood … experience the magic !