Welcome to the home of Event Factory.

Event organising is our thing – we’ve been doing it for years and we do it well. Our goal for each and every client that we come in to contact with is to create a memorable experience that they can be proud to share with their friends, family, colleagues, customers, partners – whoever.

A lot goes into putting together a successful event, and most people don’t realise this until it’s too late and amidst complaints from delegates, the success of the event and the management team comes in to question.

We take the hassle out of event organising by acting as your one-stop-shop fully equipped to produce a range of events. Our extensive events insight and a wealth of experience in organising a diverse array of events in different industries has put us in the key position to provide the level of support that exceeds expectations and maximises the all-important “WOW” factor for your event. Our event organising skills lie in our ability to understand and interpret your vision and anticipate the finer details that will take your event from good to extraordinary.

Our event organising services extend to many types of events, including:

  • Weddings and lifestyle events
  • Corporate events, seminars and conferences
  • Business dinners, promotional events and cocktail parties
  • Team building activities and awards ceremonies
  • Charity and other fundraising activities
  • Sporting events and golf outings

…and, and, and – tell us about your event and we will make it happen!

An event is more than just a social gathering – it’s an experience, a creation, a grand production. Event Factory was established in 2004 as a turnkey event solutions company that is passionate about taking big ideas and turning them into unforgettable experiences that are guaranteed to provoke a positive response from your guests. A flair for the magnificent, the enjoyable, the entertaining, the flat-out spectacular runs through our core. You may think that’s a bit elaborate – but isn’t that what you should be looking for in an event solutions company?

Our main goal is to offer a full one-stop service to provide and deliver cost-effective event solutions, combining the highest levels of quality, creativity and detail to ensure that every event that we produce is everything that the client expects, and more.

In achieving this goal, we only affiliate ourselves with the best of the very best, meaning that everything that goes into the events that we manage is matched with quality equipment, products and services at below market related prices. We pride ourselves on having a superior database of knowledge and skilled experts who know what works – and what doesn’t – and who are ready to take on any challenge.

The primary focus of our business has been in the entertainment and audio visual supply space, amongst many other event solutions. Over the years, we have worked with many corporate clients, including SAB Corporate, SAB World of Beer, Shell, Fraser Alexander, Nestle, Ernst and Young, Delloite, HP, Nedbank and Standard Bank – to name but a few, and we also regularly supply to Sun International, Sun City, Emperors Palace and Carnival City. In this time, we have grown from strength to strength and look forward to a progressive future.

It is said that success is in the details. The ability to tap into these details, the little things that count, is what sets Event Factory apart – know that with us, you can rest assured that your event will be handled perfectly.

As a truly full-service event company, Event Factory does so much more than the average bells and whistles affair. The consultative approach adopted by our project managers and event planners ensures that we go behind the scenes to understand your goals and establish how we can work with you to achieve these goals in an event that is engaging, relevant and memorable.

It is important for us as an event company to make sure that all the logistics are taken care of with the precise detail you expect so that you too can enjoy your event.

So why should you choose Event Factory ?

What you want, you get – Event Factory’s multi-faceted approach ensures that you are satisfied with the results time and time again.

Preferred vendors: We only deal with the best of the very best and over the years, we have developed a comprehensive database of suppliers, caterers, florists, services staff, equipment, venues and transportation providers. Our key relationships with a variety of vendors enables us to secure the best pricing and value that money can buy, which we are then able to pass on to our clients.

Communication: We don’t see ourselves as an individual event company – we see ourselves as an extension of your business. And as with any business, communication is critical to success. We make sure that we involve you throughout the event planning process so that you know what you’re getting – no surprises, no hassles, no problems.

Logistics support: Success is in the details. This is our core service philosophy and it ripples through everything we do. That’s why we are well-equipped to deliver the resources that your event needs in the most efficient way.

Professional advice: Years of experience in the industry has given us the confidence to say that we are a premium event company. We provide invaluable expertise and specialist advice to make sure your event is everything you expected, and more.

Best practices: We run with the latest trends in event management. This means that know what’s happening and where it’s happening at all times – giving you the best options in services and technology for your needs.

Quick response: Event management is a business of change. Delays happen, last minute decisions are made and schedules shift unexpectedly. Our event managers pride themselves in being prepared to take these potentially stressful situations and respond to them quickly, working efficiently to turn a negative into a positive.

Transparent costs: We pride ourselves on sourcing quality equipment, products and services at below market related prices. We consider your budgetary needs and create accurate proposals that detail exactly what you will be paying for, no hidden cost or agendas.